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Vaibhavam: A fine blend of beautiful décor, Tamil traditions, and seamless celebratory event planning.

To us Indians, traditions are precious. The beauty and meaning they add to each part of our lives cannot be replaced. Indians in the USA often must forgo a few traditions because of logistic difficulties, lack of know-how, or simply due to the grueling time pressure. So, we decided to bring the traditions to homes that needed them. Every time a joyously overwhelmed family thanks us for a beautiful traditional celebration we thank our ancestors for leaving the heritage along with them.

Craving a traditional south Indian celebration here in the USA?


Our plans for celebrations are weaved around strong traditional roots, embracing the modernity of today.

Executed to perfection

We want people to simply do one thing during a festival. Vaibhavam will run the show for you, so sit back and enjoy.

Saree to Shastras

What's an Indian wedding without soulful traditions & soul food? We'll bring in every authentic wedding experience there is.

Destination weddings

Give yourself the best gift yet, a great destination wedding. We'll curate places for you, and get it done in style.

We're a savvy team

Our founder Savitri Balasubramanian keeps every wedding/event plan personal, traditional, and savvy!

With love, Vaibhavam

Though in the USA, we love celebrating our festivals the way our forefathers did. If you'd love to too, we're here to help.

A great tale of tradition

Tell the story of your traditional wedding for generations to come!

event organizer

Meet Savvy Maami

Meet our Boss Lady, Savitri Balasubramanian – The force behind Vaibhavam. As a kid, her father’s job demanded that she travelled and lived in various parts of India. She soaked in the real essence of Indian culture- it’s diversity bound by the age-old traditions. After moving to the US, she saw the same cultural diversity blend in easily with the west’s lifestyle. But she knew something was missing. Something core, something that made her Indian American friends, family & colleagues yearn for their homes despite being at home. The tradition. Ceremonies, rituals and functions on all their important days. That’s when she realised that she could help.For her, Vaibhavam isn’t a business. Vaibhavam is the key to enhance the happiness of a dream celebration. With Vaibhavam, she envisions a joyful future that nurturs traditions, authenticity and love. She only intends to bring a smile on the face her clients every time they think about their celebrations.
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Cum luna manducare, omnes historiaes magicae fortis, brevis lanistaes. Eheu, nobilis agripeta! Teres, pius animaliss foris imperium de.

Sarah Rose - Our Customers

This is due to their excellent service, competitive pricing and customer support. It’s throughly refresing to get such a personal touch.

Kevin Martin - Our Customers

Pes rusticus brabeuta est. Pol, talis lapsus! Contencio de fidelis palus, transferre brodium! Germanus, varius decors aliquando gratia de.

Jesscia Brown - Our Customers
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